Working Toward a Better Bako: DRESS FOR SUCCESS

Here at Better Bako we seek to highlight nonprofit organizations that are making a real difference in Bakersfield, CA, enabling local residents to find opportunities to join them in their work through volunteer opportunities.  One local organization that is doing its part to work toward a Better Bako is Dress for Success

Dress for Success is an organization that offers services to help women enter the workforce, and stay employed afterward.  “Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds,” said a representative from DFS, “including not only the economically disadvantaged, but also newcomers to the United States, single mothers, and victims of violence.”  

When an “employment-ready-woman” is referred to DFS by a “Partner Agency,” their first task is to find an outfit to assist in the employment interview process, but the journey does not stop there.  In fact, in most cases the outfit is just the beginning.  

“Volunteers from Bakersfield provide guidance to enhance the skills each woman has and explore different career opportunities,” the representative said.  “These community volunteers conduct mock interviews, résumé reviews and help clients practice the critical soft skills of the workplace.”

If you would like to help Dress for Success by donating financially or by physically volunteering, now is the perfect time to connect with them.  They, like many other local nonprofit organizations, are participating in “Give Big Kern,” a 24-hour online giving event sponsored by the Kern Community Foundation.  You can find more information about partnering with Dress for Success through their direct “Give Big Kern” link here.


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