"League of Dreams" Wins Better Bako's Latest Poll

In our latest informal Twitter poll, Bakersfield nonprofit organization League of Dreams comes up with the win!  Following the 50% winner was Bakersfield ARC, coming up with 29% of the votes, and Thumbs Up, Cancer Down pulling in 21%.  Unfortunately, Advancing Parenting didn't get any votes this time around, but that just goes to show that they need our help to spread the word about the great work that they do!


As always, each of these organizations is deserving of the honor and attention.  Each one is working toward a better Bakersfield, and each one needs your help!  Consider giving your time as a volunteer, or your resources as a donation, to join these great nonprofits in their mission to make our community great.

If you have a nonprofit organization that you'd like to see highlighted on Better Bako, or included in one of our Twitter polls, email betterbako@gmail.com.